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Robinhood is an online broker charging no money to the investors trading on its platform. The stocks recommended by Robinhood are only from the major stock exchanges as it doesn’t promote penny stocks on OTC bulletins or pink sheets.

Penny stocks are usually under $1 per share value and can be purchased in high volumes. The way of getting numerous stocks with a limited investment is the dream of many investors and they become convinced to buy the shares with low prices. It is all about the stock perception and style of doing the investment.

There are many Robinhood penny stocks which could be considered for investment:

  1. Immune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IMNP)

Immune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops novel therapeutic agents for inflammatory and immunologic diseases. This biopharma company is following various studies and trials are made for several health issues. The company has low stock prices at present, 0.0032 and is anticipated to grow in its business with the trials conducted by the research and development segment.

  1. Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc (IDXG)

Interpace diagnostics group Inc. is a pharmaceutical company providing personalized medicine through innovation and molecular diagnostics. The medication works for the provision of cancer progression in the patients. The price per stock is approximately $0.96 and with its progressions, the company is expected to get improved stock prices.

  • Houston American Energy Corporation (HUSA)

Houston American Energy Corporation is an independent energy company working in the production of natural gas, crude oil, and other energy modes. The company is based in Houston Texas and has the properties located in South American Colombia and the Gulf Coast region of Louisiana and Texas. The stock price is $0.2095 and the prices will go up with the boom in upcoming energy trends.

  1. Timmins Gold Corp (TGD)

Timmins Gold Corporation is a gold mining and exploration company based in Vancouver. The company operates and owns the San Francisco Gold Mine in Sonora State. The stocks are at $0.48 value at present and they will gain momentum with the increased gold values on a global basis.

  1. PEDEVCO Corp. (PED)

PEDEVCO Corporation is doing business in exploration, acquisition, developing and producing the natural gas shale plays in the US. The company has an interest in about sixty Gross wells in its D-J Basin Asset. The stock prices are $2.5 per stock and the company would lead towards the 52-week high range of $4.44 price.

  1. Comstock Mining Inc. (LODE)

Comstock Mining Inc. is a Nevada based company working for exploration, development and production the precious metals. The company owns a huge land of 9272 acres in the Comstock and Silver City districts. There are opportunities for the company expected in the coming phases and the stocks presently priced at $0.1590 will get towards the 52-week high value of $4 with progress.

  • Neuralstem Inc. (CUR)

Neuralstem Inc. is a biotechnology company having headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. The company makes development in the commercial-scape production for central nervous system stem cells. The stock price is $0.58 and the previous year high value is $2.05.