Penny stocks to buy 2019

Penny stocks are dangerous investments susceptible to a lot of risks. These stocks are priced under $5 value and consist of the stocks which have not reached their potential till now. These stocks are like diamonds in the mines and there are many examples of some high-end companies which were once a penny stock. Taking into a positive aspect of these low-priced stocks, these could be rewarding and give you double or triple returns over the investment.

If you’re looking for the anticipated stocks having a trend to go up from their existing position, it is important to look for the few names which could be expected to perform well. There are a few stocks enlisted which could have a positive impact on the company’s status in the times to come:

  1. Castle Brands Inc. (NYSE: ROX)

Castle Brands is an international developer and supplier of prime alcohol beverage brands. It markets the products to the US, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. The stocks are priced at $0.80 and could move towards a better run with more products included in the bucket list. The spirits include rum, vodka, liqueurs, whiskey and tequila marketed in many places all over the globe. At present, the stocks are 24% down in their price from the last year. The management of the company is working on making it excel and to increase the margins from the products by following the appropriate strategies.

  1. Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPWH)

Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings, Inc. works together with its subsidiaries for operating as an outdoor sports goods retailer in the US. The company offers many products for various sports activities and has expertise in providing the best of the material. The present stock price of the company is $5.59 which is observing a consistent growth in this month. The investors were quite dicey about the stock after the election of President Trump. However, the sales grew and there were good results shown after the same. There is a lot of opportunity for the investors and the stock prices would go up in the coming future.

  • Limelight Networks (NASDAQ: LLNW)

Limelight Networks Inc. provides content delivery services to the companies in the US, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. The solutions are given to the businesses for delivering digital content across the digital areas. The company even offers professional services for transit and logistics. Limelight Networks is making consistent progress in its business and the revenues are expected to rise in this year. The stock price is $2.88 and the recent trends should move the stocks to an upward position.

  1. DHX Media (NASDAQ: DHXM)

DHX Media is a Canada based media production, broadcasting, and distribution company. The company is the largest independent owner of children’s TV in the industry. It was founded in the year 2006 with the merger of the Halifax Film Company and Decode Entertainment group. The present stock price is $1.76 and it is expected to grow with more creative projects from the company.

Penny stocks to buy right now

Penny stocks are the low-priced investments dealing with the companies of new companies or re-settling companies. These stocks are very speculative and could be purchased with due vigilance. Despite many lists available online, there is a probability that the penny stocks on the websites need to be examined carefully before making the investment.

A list of penny stocks to buy right now is given below. There is a stock symbol, company name and a briefing given about the company. The investors can buy the stocks at their own risk and with the due research from your personal ideas about the stock.

  1. APPSwarm Inc. (SWRM)

APPSwarm Inc. is a technology development company having focus mainly on mobile app development. There are services provided for all the mobile platforms, including BlackBerry, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Windows Mobile. AppSwarm has agreements with the various application stores and assists the development of applications. The stock price is $0.0288 and there is progress expected for the company for its resources and financial growth.

  1. Digatrade Financial Corporation (DIGAF)

Digatrade Financial Corporation has a digital asset exchanging platform in Canada. The stock price is $0.011 and the company offers blockchain development service along with the technology based on the distributed ledger. There is the management of a trading engine offering a multi-currency settlement, risk management, and FX pricing on a real-time basis. The company provides multiple services and has recently executed its Definite Agreement with Securter Inc. for increasing the security of online card payment processing. This will definitely enhance the scope of the company and it will be able to get increased stock prices.

  1. TerraTech Corporation (TRTC)

TerraTech Corporation is a cannabis-focusing agriculture company. It operates in the production of cannabis and its cultivation is done for medical and recreational use. The various segments of the company operate medical marijuana and adult use under the tradename Blüm. It provides the selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates and edible forms with the lineage of adult use cannabis-extracted products. The present stock price is $1.1525 and with the legalization of cannabis, the growth of the company is anticipated. This is a stable stock and has absolutely no chances of getting delisted.

  1. MGT Capital Investments Inc. (MGTI)

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. works for bitcoin mining operations. The previous year in the month of March, it owned and operated approx. 500 miners in Washington DC, 2100 miners in Sweden and 4200 miners in another leased location in Sweden. The company reached a level of $2.18 per share value in the last year. It has a stock value of $0.0715 at present, which is expected to grow with the mining projections of the company.

  1. Ironclad Encryption Corp (IRNC)

IRNC works in the development and licensing of cyber software technology that encrypts data and e-communications. It consists of the ICE-enabled security apps, subscriptions, and contracts with ultra-secured BlackICE gateway & phone technology. The stock price is $0.0110 at present and could go up with the technological advancements floated by the company.

Reddit cheapest penny stocks

Reddit is the front page of the Internet. There are millions of people discussing various aspects on Reddit and it has become one of the primary platforms for the investors to look for the penny stocks. Reddit is easy to navigate and it is a spot for the investors to look for the cheapest penny stocks. It is certainly not the appropriate spot for the beginners as the first-timers will have dozens of links, acronyms and multiple options for the content they won’t actually understand. On switching on Reddit, you’ll see numerous links which are termed as the front page of the internet. There are millions of unique users giving their own options on Reddit and it could be a chaotic way to understand the things for the first time.

There are many cheap penny stocks floated on Reddit. The forum comes with a comment option and certain stocks have the commented articles which could help the investors to make the choice for the right penny stocks to make the appropriate purchase.

Some of the trending Reddit cheapest penny stocks are:

  • Puration Inc. (PURA)

Puration Inc. works in the designing, development, production, and marketing of the individual water purification products. The company includes personal water filter bottles, sports bottles, purification devices, biological filter devices, travel filters, and replacement filtering ideas. The company sells its products under the Filter 2GO Brand. The company has a stock price of $.0.0943 and the company is making business growth with time.

  • Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA)

Medican Marijuana Inc. is an investment holding company working in industrial hemp and medical marijuana market. The company works for the proprietary based cannabinoid products in formulating the seed, stalk, and extracts formulated for the pharma and cosmeceutical industries. The medical implementations include the licensing of the company for testing, genetics, packaging, labeling, and production of the standard methods for its industry. The company’s 52-week rate ranged from the value of $0.06- $0.12 and is holding the lower side position. The stocks are best to buy at this point in time.

  • GH Capital Inc. (GHHC)

GH Capital Inc. has a major focus on providing consultation services for the business development to help the companies to turn towards public status. The consulting services from the company are marketed mainly through the online forums, traditional print media and word of mouth. The price per stock is $0.016 and it could get towards a better position with time.

  • Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI)

Alternet Systems, Inc. works in collaboration with its subsidiaries on providing digital payments, micro-segmentation, marketing intelligence services and data analytics for the mass consumer goods, financial services, telecom sectors, and other payments. The stock price at present is $0.030. It recently made an announcement to grow hemp in New York City. The company has made efforts in harvesting the hemp to conduct further research in the energy storage imitative. Analysts still suggest to closely watch this stock to avoid any kind of losses later on.

Robinhood penny stocks

Robinhood is an online broker charging no money to the investors trading on its platform. The stocks recommended by Robinhood are only from the major stock exchanges as it doesn’t promote penny stocks on OTC bulletins or pink sheets.

Penny stocks are usually under $1 per share value and can be purchased in high volumes. The way of getting numerous stocks with a limited investment is the dream of many investors and they become convinced to buy the shares with low prices. It is all about the stock perception and style of doing the investment.

There are many Robinhood penny stocks which could be considered for investment:

  1. Immune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IMNP)

Immune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops novel therapeutic agents for inflammatory and immunologic diseases. This biopharma company is following various studies and trials are made for several health issues. The company has low stock prices at present, 0.0032 and is anticipated to grow in its business with the trials conducted by the research and development segment.

  1. Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc (IDXG)

Interpace diagnostics group Inc. is a pharmaceutical company providing personalized medicine through innovation and molecular diagnostics. The medication works for the provision of cancer progression in the patients. The price per stock is approximately $0.96 and with its progressions, the company is expected to get improved stock prices.

  • Houston American Energy Corporation (HUSA)

Houston American Energy Corporation is an independent energy company working in the production of natural gas, crude oil, and other energy modes. The company is based in Houston Texas and has the properties located in South American Colombia and the Gulf Coast region of Louisiana and Texas. The stock price is $0.2095 and the prices will go up with the boom in upcoming energy trends.

  1. Timmins Gold Corp (TGD)

Timmins Gold Corporation is a gold mining and exploration company based in Vancouver. The company operates and owns the San Francisco Gold Mine in Sonora State. The stocks are at $0.48 value at present and they will gain momentum with the increased gold values on a global basis.

  1. PEDEVCO Corp. (PED)

PEDEVCO Corporation is doing business in exploration, acquisition, developing and producing the natural gas shale plays in the US. The company has an interest in about sixty Gross wells in its D-J Basin Asset. The stock prices are $2.5 per stock and the company would lead towards the 52-week high range of $4.44 price.

  1. Comstock Mining Inc. (LODE)

Comstock Mining Inc. is a Nevada based company working for exploration, development and production the precious metals. The company owns a huge land of 9272 acres in the Comstock and Silver City districts. There are opportunities for the company expected in the coming phases and the stocks presently priced at $0.1590 will get towards the 52-week high value of $4 with progress.

  • Neuralstem Inc. (CUR)

Neuralstem Inc. is a biotechnology company having headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. The company makes development in the commercial-scape production for central nervous system stem cells. The stock price is $0.58 and the previous year high value is $2.05.